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Image by Chris Henry


Welcome to our 2nd annual Alberta Mentally Strong Campaign!


The mission of the campaign is to engage Albertans in helping one another stay mentally strong in times of challenge.


The collective efforts to achieve our mission involve:

  1. challenging the conventional superhero definitions of mentally strong, 

  2. promoting practices and strategies to strengthen mentally resiliency, and

  3. generating support for CMHA Alberta who works hard to help Albertans stay healthy, safe, and mentally strong. 


For the 2nd annual campaign, our focus is on encouraging Albertans to help one another stay mentally strong. Click the button below to join our campaign and learn how you can get involved. 

We start our campaign by first challenging and redefining the definition of “Mentally Strong”. To learn why and how we have done that, please click on the button below:


This 2nd (2022) annual Alberta Mentally Strong Campaign is launched by Insight Psychological. 


Insight Psychological is a multi-award winning company, including a three time recipient of prestigious national awards (Canadian Business 2018 & 2020 Growth 500 Award and The Globe & Mail’s 2021 Canada’s Top Growing Companies Award) that recognize Insight as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. We are a leading provider of high-quality multi-specialty assessment and counselling services, and have been supporting individuals, families, groups as well as organizations in various sectors since 1997. Insight’s Corporate Care division was launched in 2018 and specializes in the assessment, prevention, intervention, and care for psychological injuries and illnesses in the workplace. Our diverse team of over 50 therapists and workplace wellness specialists provide online as well as in-person services across multiple locations in Edmonton and Calgary. Insight also works with a robust network of affiliate service providers across other cities in Alberta and beyond. With excellence in service, integrity in action, and compassion in client care as our guiding principles, Insight strives to be the most trusted and sought-after provider of high-quality psychological care in every single community we serve.


To learn more about Insight Psychological, please click the button below.

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